Thursday, October 16, 2008

PAISEI Paisei paisei.......

Yesterday, I didnt go home early due to there was traffic jam in the LDP highway. I went to watch movie in cinema. The movie is called MAX PAYNE. I went into the cinema room, and find my seat carefully. I will explain later why i find carefully this time. Ok, i sat on the correct row and column, and then watched the advertisement. Suddenly, a lady asked me, are you sitting on correct seat. I answered, is this seat number 12 row L. She answered, huh!! u also in number 12 row L same as mine. Then she checked my ticket, she told me, erm this is ciname room 4. Ops, i feel so paiseh. i quicky apologize to her. Why i make mistake this time? because i saw the number 3, it looks like number 8. And somemore i went to number 4. I was damn blur last night.

Ok, 1 month ago. I went to watch movie in sunway pyramid due to the same problem in LDP highway. I went into the correct cinema room, but i sat on wrong row. A lady come to ask me, are u sitting in correct seat? I answered is this seat on number ?? in row M. She answered, NO, this row is row N. I apologize.
Paiseh(SHY=MALU). Next time dont want go watch movie in sunway pyramid ady, watch also dont wan watch alone.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Convocation of Nottingham Trend University In E&E Engineering

Yeah... Finally i have finished my course. Yooyooyooooo..... Happy!! Haha. Although i had suffered in these years, i am happy while studying with my classmate. We are like hold each others hand, and then climb from the ground to the top of the mountain together. No matter how strong the wind blows or how cold, we will never give up and fight hard for it. Thanks guys. Without you guys cheer and accompany me, I will not graduate. I really have a lots of valuable memories with you guys. Three years are short, but i really wont forget what we have done.

I will like to thanks Brian Chee for saving me from hell. Without you studied with me during high school, i think i will not have good job now. Thanks that always asked me study with you. Haha!! I will not forget what we have done after finish revision.


Yo!! This guy cool, rite? He is my father. Haha. He is childish sometime just like me. However, he is a good father. Whenever i have problem, i will discuss with him. Without my father, i will not study in KBU College due to the tuition fees are very expensive. Haha. Thanks Ba...

Ok, let me introduce MRs Chee to u guys. She is my mom. My mom is a woman who always ah chi ah cho in fronf of me. Hehe. However, i know she scolded me is for my own good. Mother Scolds chirldren must have their own reason. They will not suddenly scold if you have not done anything wrong except for those really got problem thinking mother. Hehe. They scold you, because they dont want you become evil, they scare u will regret someday when you realize you have done wrong. So, When they scold, just listen with your left ear, and then goin to your brain to think carefully whether they are right anot. If not right, then release out from your right ear. HAha.
Anyway, thanks for my mom has take care of me so long. Thanks Meee...

See, my brother so lame. Should i thanks him? he didnt help me much wo. Wait, let me think. Ok, i should thanks him for playing dota game with me, so that i can release my stress. Haha.

This is my sister. Yeah, she really helps me alot. I am having fun when bully her. Hohoho. okla, the reward for u is bully you less. Once a week, ok? Deal. Hehe.

My girlfriend, she also like my mom, always ah chi ah cho there. Haha. Always ask me dont go out so late. Always complain i go out so frequently. Hehe. Thanks siew lee. Thanks you always so patient wait for me come home. Thanks you help me improve my english. Thanks you always care about me. Thanks you never left me. Thanks you cheer for me from the begining of the course. Hehe.

Hey, my cousin is here. He is my financial support. Haha. When no money, i will ask from him. He is my ATM. Dont worry guys, i got pay back for him. I wont run away. Hehe. Ah Wei, thanks lo.

Write until here first. My hand is tired now, So..... Em... To Be Continue.... Hehe... Paiseh...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Working Life

Every day except sat and sun or holiday, i need to drive 40 minutes from my house at BU to Cyber Jaya where is 40 km away. The traffic is smooth all the way except Kelana Jaya LDP. I don't understand why those driver drive so slow even there is no accident happens at that place. Sigh, wasting my pertol fuel and cause my leg pain ( manual gear). Ok, continue... From my house to Cyber Jaya, i need to pay Rm 3.20 for LDP tols. So, every day i need to spent RM 6.40 for the tols and Rm 15 for the petrol. Therefore, the total cost i need to spent for travelling there is Rm 500 not included my car maintainence service fee. Expensive rite?Nvm, used to it already. Although it is very far away from my house, i still like to work at there because the enviroment there is quiet and nice. There is one big problem working at that place which is FOOD. There is only 1 chinese food store at Cyber Jaya. This food store is selling the same dishes of food everyday. Sien. Where others are Malay food store. This is the reason i need to drive to those places have more chinese food stores. There are only three choices for us to choose when we want to have our lunch. 1st => Serdang. 2nd=> Dengil. 3rd=> Puchong. We seldom will go Puchong because need to pay for the LDP tol.

Every Morning i will do exercise before i go into my office. How? I walk from ground floor to 2nd floor without using lift.

See, this is my desk. Messy, rite? What to do? Need to do alot tests on the latest MPR500 PCB board. Sigh, i have never shock by electric during college time, but kena shock threes time in this month. U know, the main switch ady turned off still can shock by electric while touchs the cable. This is due to there is still have a little AC voltage flow on the neutral cable. Therefore, next time must unplug the connector plug before touch the cable.

Yeah!! These two guys are my colleague. The blue formal shirt is my supervisor. Handsome?? lol!! He is still available, who want to date him out. Tell me. I will arrange for u girlssss... Dont be shy. Haha!! Hope he won't read my blog!! If not, i will be sufferring all the years due to he will report to my boss about my performance is bad tough is good. Haha!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is it fun to watch movie alone??

I think not everyone willing to watch movie alone in cinema especially for those people already have lover. At first, it feels weird when look at the couple who are holding each other hand walk into the cinema. If you sitting front row, you can see one of the partner couple head tilts on the other partner shoulder. Will you think of your partner at time that time? Will you hope your partner is beside you now? For me, i hope the next seat is my girlfriend who will be sharing pop corn and soft drink with me. When i feel cold or she feels cold, we will hold our both hand together so we can feel the warm of our palm. when there is funny scene during the movie, we will look with each other and laugh together.

To Siew Lee,
Although you are not beside me now, you are always in my heart. Although i feel jealous of other couple, i will not give up you and will wait for you come back and do everything i want to do with you or you want to do with me. 4 years long distance relationship, we suffer alot. Do not know how many pieces of tissue we already used. Each dropped of salty water is come from our truth heart. We know we miss each other very much everyday. As long as we can listen each other voice awhile, we already feel satisfy.
Thanks for those scientists who have created advance technology, so that we do need to be like 80's century couple who need to wait so long for each other pending letter. I wish scientist will develop a teleport machine soon, so that i can be beside you whenever you got trouble. Love you from Kelvin Chee.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Does student likes to study in McDonald's?

Most of my friends like to study in Mcd. The reason is because they just need to pay for the drink which cost below Rm4 then they can have seats in Mcd until they feel like leaving. Moreover, they can refill drink after they finish. Wow!! Is worth Rite?

Let's see the picture on the right side!! See, they can concentrate on study, and not be disturbed by other people.

*Don't Need to Care the Green Shirt Guy*
This guy easily be attracted by other people.
Tsk Tsk!! Ask him study hard, he doesn't want, and he want to follow his friends go eat bak kut teh in Kepong. Besides that, cant believe he dare to dance in Mcd!! See the Video belows then you will know what he danced.

Ok!! another reason is students can study in mcd whenever
they want because Mcd's door is opening 24 hours!! Besides that, they can stay there very late and will not chase out by Mcd's stuffs. See the picture on right side! The watch showed 4.10 A.M. The lady were smiling there because she felt happy can stay until so late. When you feel tired, you can Sleep on the sofa. Just like the guy in the picture below.